Weltweit verstehen und verstanden werden. Mit Sicherheit.
Weltweit verstehen und verstanden werden. Mit Sicherheit. 


Sprachendienst Gehring is a small but excellent translation agency.

It is very important to us to provide you with excellent quality at an attractive price. And because it usually needs to be done quickly, we are more than happy to deliver on short-notice.


First, we listen

No matter the content, the original language and the target language of the translation: We analyze your individual needs and coordinate binding processes with you.

Our strengths are

Translation into all languages

High capacities through our worldwide network of specialized translators

Excellent linguistic quality

Binding scheduling

Reliable execution

Long-standing experience

Cost transparency

Many satisfied customers appreciate our services - when may we speak with you?

We offer professional translations from native speakers

in and from more than 137 languages - and that
starting at € 1.40 per 50 characters plus VAT


About Our Management

Regina Gehring


  • English, Italian and Business Administration Studies in Giessen and Salford (GB),
    Graduated with a Degree in English (Economic Sciences/Major: Business Administration)
  • Since 1994: officially authorized translator for Italian and English for the Courts and
    Notaries in the state of Hesse
  • Registered as an appointed translator at the General Consulate of Italy in Frankfurt am Main
  • Certified English and Italian language translations
  • Long-standing experience as an interpretor at court proceedings, weddings, notarizations and much more
  • Selection of qualified language mediators with long-standing professional experience and academic background for translation and interpretation services in all languages
  • Optimization of quality, capacity and professionalism
    Since more than 25 years




We speak your language and the language of your business partners

A certified translation of a diploma in Italian or a technical documentation from English into 7 languages is part of our routine day-to-day work. With great experience in a variety of specialized fields, we will find the appropriate word and correct expressions, so that you can communicate reliably.

Our Quality-Service for You

Selection of a native speaker with specialized expertise

Planning of translation capacities

Realistic scheduling

Cost transparency


Your satisfaction is our objective!



Via E-mail, postal service or in consultation with you.




Master Your Negotiations in Distant Cultures

Should you, e.g. be looking for a Conference Interpreter for your contract negotiations with Indian business partners or first meetings with new customers in Dubai - we are the company for you!




Starting at € 1.40 per 50 characters plus VAT

Simply send us the text that is to be translated via E-mail and we will prepare a non-binding fixed price offer for you.





Sprachendienst Gehring
Hundsgasse 16
35583 Wetzlar

Telephone: +49 (0) 6441 46393
Fax: +49 (0) 6441 410367


Please send us your scanned documents by e-mail. You will then receive our price offer and finally, your translation will arrive by post.

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